Helix Trade-Up Program

Terms and Conditions

The Letus Helix Trade-Up program is very simple -- just answer a few questions over the phone, or via email with one of our sales representatives and we will be able to provide you a quote to use against the purchase of a new Letus Helix.  

Your old equipment must be in working condition and in good shape. If it is not, we may reduce the trade-up credit. If you do not accept the new trade-up credit, you can send back the Bolt 4K purchased and we will return your trade-up units to you.

Trade-ups are done on a unit-for-unit basis. We match the number of units you want to trade-up with the number of new units you can purchase. You cannot, for example, trade in 3 older Helix gimbal for one new Helix.  You can, however, trade-up 3 older Helix units for 3 new Helix units.

There are also limitations on which models are able to trade for. You cannot trade-up a Helix standar for another newer Helix Jr. Your sales representative can help explain any relevant limitations to you once you get started with your request.

Most of the trade-ups will be completed via a credit card transaction and the process can proceed quite rapidly. Order fulfillment will occur in one of two ways:

  1. We ship the new items to you immediately after payment is received, with a hold placed on your credit card equal to the value of the expected credit. This hold will be removed once your exchanged gear passes inspection at our facility.
  2. We wait for your trade-up items to be received and inspected at our facility. We then charge your credit card for the total amount owed (less trade-up credit) and ship your order out.

We know you work in a world of tight deadlines and we can move as fast as you need us to move. In the unlikely event that you do not send us your exchanged equipment within 21 days, the hold placed on your credit card will turn into a charge and you can keep your original equipment. Our normal credit rules apply to all purchases.

You can ship your used equipment or bring it to our Headquarter office at 8506 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97266 . It is your choice on how to pack and ship your used gear, as well as which shipping speed you select. We will supply you with an RMA Number prior to you shipping the gear to us--it is extremely important to include this RMA number on your packing slip or in your box, for your trade-up process to run as smoothly as possible.

You are to keep all of your accessories which are generally compatible with the new model. The trade-in is for a newer model of the Helix gimbal and will not include new battery or accessories. If you have questions on our Bolt 4K Trade-Up Program, please let your sales representative know and they will be able to assist you.