Sometimes less is more. This certainly rings true with life on set. Less tweaking, more filming. Less weight, more energy. With this principle in mind, the Letus team set out to create a camera system that would give you more with less: More function with less weight. More versatility with fewer parts. The result is the Letus Touch and Go system. 

The Letus Touch and Go (TaG) system is based around the TaG Dovetail (5” or 8”) which serves as a baseplate. A lightweight, yet well-balanced setup, the TaG system is designed for quick conversion from handheld to studio in a matter of seconds. 
The system is compatible with the entire line of  Letus lightweight Cages which provide ample of mounting points for accessories. The Cheeseplate in the back provides mounting option for either Anton Bauer battery or any V-lock battery. It also functions as a counterbalance weight as well as an anchor point over the shoulder.  
The velcro lambskin Shoulder Pad provides comfort and style which can be easily removed. The dovetail baseplate is connected to the Rosette Front Handle via the Riser and Rods which allow for height adjustability. This simple yet important feature allows the TaG setup to be interchangeable between the many cameras available on the market which do not have the industry standard base to center of lens distance. 
The silicon grip Rosette Front Handle provides comfort and allows adjustability of the handle angle. Lastly, the system comes with the new Compact EVF Knuckle which is compatible with both monitors and EVFs.  
All these features and functions in a system weighing merely 6lbs.

Base bundle includes:

  • 8" TaG Dovetail
  • V2 Cheeseplate
  • V2 Cheeseplate Mounting Knuckle
  • TaG Rod riser kit with 30cm rods
  • MCS Rossette Front Handle Kit
  • Compact EVF Knuckle
  • MCS Shoulder Pad
  • Simple Cage

The Top Handle, Follow Focus, Matte Box, and Battery Plate are NOT included in the base price.

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