The Letus TaG (touch-and-go) system is designed for quick, secure mounting of camera systems and accessories. This kit contains the large Letus TaG receiver and a 5" dovetail. Optional dovetail combinations available.

Use this system to standardize all of your tripods. No more trying to track down the right tripod plate. Eliminate the frustration of trying to slide a tripod plate in from the back. The TaG receiver is compatible with O'Connor plates and the MCS Baseplate.

The Letus TaG receiver allows you to drop the dovetail in from the top. It snaps in with a positive lock so you know it is secure. Adjust it back and forth then slide the locking lever back to hold position. The locking lever has a safety pin so you can not accidentally disengage it. It can be released with a one hand operation.

The TaG dovetails feature spring loaded safety pins on each side so they can not slide out of the TaG receiver once snapped into place. The dovetail features two, inset velcro strips in the underside of the plate. This allows our MCS Shoulder Pad to be easily attached and removed without interfering with any mounting points.

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Reliable and efficient

Nick on 20th Apr 2017

The Tag system is perfect for on-the-go shoots. I have one receiver on my GLIDECAM, my tripod, and my dana dolly and the ability to change between each rig in a matter of seconds is extremely efficient. Not to mention the build quality of these TAG receivers. They feel sturdy and durable, and they lock nice and tight. A very good purchase!