The complete T-Handle kit featured in the Master Cinema Series bundles. The T-Handles are designed to mimic the feel of grabbing the mattebox frame in a typical 35mm film camera setup.

The T-Handles utilize our patent pending Hybrid Rods. These rods are flattened on four sides which prevent them from spinning in the rod clamp. The hybrid design still allows standard 15mm round rod accessories to be attached as normal. The hybrid rods are black anodized for a sleek look and non-reflective properties.

These t-handles feature a 100% silicon grip which is much more durable than rubber or foam grips typically found in camera rigs.

Our clamping mechanism prevents the rods from spinning and allows you to offset each T-handle left to right. The T-handles can be removed and a one piece hybrid rod can be inserted for applications where you need a 15mm support rod running perpendicular to the main rods. Please note, the lower, hybrid rod holes are NOT compatible with standard 15mm round support rods.

Kit Includes

  • Two (2) T-Handles
  • Two (2) Hybrid Rods
  • One (1) T-Handle Rod Clamp
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