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The Studio Cam was designed for tripod shooting with an EVF. The patent pending EVF leveling system allows the camera operator to tilt the camera up and down with minimal movement on the EVF eyepiece. While not a new concept in the 35mm film world, this is the first EVF leveler designed for the DSLR and smaller form factor cameras. The EVF leveler greatly simplifies the camera operators job as it requires much less head movement than a hard mounted EVF solution.

Note: The current MCS line was developed around the Canon 5D/7D by Shane Hurlbut over the last several years. This does NOT limit the system to these two cameras. The whole concept behind MCS is modularity. The camera becomes the least important piece of the puzzle. All you have to do to convert MCS to outfit a different camera platform is replace the cage and camera. We offer a full line of custom camera cages, both powered and non-powered, for current and future cameras.


  • Advanced EVF knuckle and EVF leveler that connects to fluid head
  • Keeps your eye to the EVF where ever you operate
  • Revolutionary base plate design
  • Easy to convert
  • Quick release top iris rod system
  • Back handle to mimic grabbing a 400’ Film magazine while operating
  • Top Handle to transport easily with rosette wheel for any angle of orientation
  • Optional Powered cage that has remote on/off with any DSLR
  • Back platform attached to Powered Cage for Anton Bauer and MDR placement
  • Optional 3-stage 4 x 5 Mattebox & 138 Rota Pola slot with new ARF (Anti-reflection Tray) design
    • ARF (Anti-reflection Tray) prevents double reflection between filters as well as reflecting the sun off of filter into actors face when backlit
    • Eyebrow to eliminate flares

The Components

2 - Top/Back Handle
2 - 9" Top Black Rods
1 - Top Clamp to Rods Adapter
1 - Top QR Clamp
1 - Top Dovetail
1 - EVF Knuckle with QR (Zacuto, Cineroid or SmallHD DP4)
1 - Eyepiece Leveler set
1 - Camera Cage (choose one)
        2 Pin Power Connector
        Flexible IR rod
        Battery dongle (AC coupler)
1 - Camera Interface Plate (standard)
1 - V-Lock Baseplate
2 - 18" Stainless Steel Base Rods
1 - Rear Stabilizer
1 - Standard Weight
2 – Anton Bauer compatible plate

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