The Master Cinema Series shoulder pad is made out of genuine leather and memory foam. Designed for all day comfort, this shoulder pad features a built in velcro mounting surface. You can quickly attach the shoulder pad to virtually anything you can stick velcro on. Although designed for the Master Cinema Series baseplate, this pad will certainly find a home in many places due to its extreme comfort and durability.

The center memory foam pads are removable and replaceable. The precision stitching is reminiscent of a high end sports car. This shoulder pad truly is a work of art in both form and function. Simplicity and comfort were the two main goals. Both were achieved with flying colors.


* Memory foam padding

* Black and brown genuine leather

* Simple velcro mounting

* Removeable center foam

* Wedge shaped to match shoulder contour

* Precision contrast stitching

NOTE: The MCS shoulder pad is designed to work with the MCS base plate. It can be adapted to other setups with the use of velcro. If you plan to use this pad on something other than the MCS baseplate, you will need to find a way to attach velcro to the item. We do not include extra mounting velcro with the shoulder pad.

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Last Pad You Will Need

Matthew Hackbarth on 7th Jun 2018

I am a Camera Operator in the television industry and this is the best pad I have ever used. Just buy it.