The MCS Camera Interface Plate attaches to the MCS baseplate and rear stabilizer to the bottom of our MCS Camera cage or, in some cases, directly to the bottom of the camera. The interface plate is a key component of the Master Cinema Series bundles and provides a mounting platform for attaching your camera to the quick release base.

We offer several length options to accomodate different camera setups. The Action Cam Bundle takes the shortest plate and is designed to only extend the length of our 5D/7D cage. It does not attach to the rear stabilizer. We also offer our "standard plate" which measures 220mm (8.75") in length. This plate is best suited for DSLR sized cameras and is included with our Man Cam, Shoulder Cam, and Studio Cam bundles when purchased with the 5D/7D cage.

The standard plate features 6 15mm threaded holes for attaching male threaded rods perpendicular to the plate. The plate is also tapped to accept both Anton Bauer Gold Mounts or V-Plate Battery Mounts.

Our plates are CNC machined out of high grade aluminum and are hard anodized for durability. The bottom of the plates feature a stainless steel v-wedge for locking into the MCS quick release baseplate. Adjustable back wedge stabilizer plates are also included for added mounting stability.

Interface Plate options

  • Short Plate (for use on Action Cam)
  • Standard Plate (for DSLR sized cameras)
  • Extended Plate (Discontinued, the large cages do not need an interface plate)

*NOTE: The pictured interface plate is the "Standard" Interface Plate

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