The core of the entire Master Cinema Series line. The MCS V-Mount baseplate is designed to quickly convert from one rig to another. The patent pending design allows a user to "blind mount" a v-wedge into the baseplate and quickly lock it in place. The release button features a safety pin to prevent accidental disengaging of the plate. Machined out of high grade aluminum and stainless steel then hard anodized, this baseplate is designed to last a lifetime. The bottom of the baseplate has a single 1/4" 20 thread and four 3/8" threads.

This baseplate is featured in each of the Master Cinema Series kits and is the foundation of the entire lineup. Based on years of field testing by the Hurlbut "Elite Team", this design incorporates all of the features demanded by a real world production environment. It is designed to quickly convert from one setup to another while still providing a solid lock on the camera rig.

The baseplate features an O'Connor compatible tap-n-go plate for easy tripod mounting. It also has inset Velcro pads for easy add/removal of the Master Cinema Series Shoulder Pad.

If you were to own only one baseplate, this would be the one!

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