* This is the REFURBISHED Original Helix design version. 

* This is a NON-ENCODED Helix model and is not upgradable to the encoded motors due to design incompatibility

* All sale items are final and are not returnable (however, we still provide 6 months warranty).

* This item does NOT come with the battery or charger


The Letus Helix is a one (1) or three (3) axis modular camera stabilizer system. It utilizes the optical center of the camera for both balance and image stabilzation. Originally designed to roll the camera on optical center, the Helix has evolved from a 1 axis auto-horizon system to a full blown, hand-held, 4 axis stabilizer. 


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Key Features:

  • Lightweight - Every effort was made to shave out as much material as possible. The skeleton design provides a light weight frame work without sacrificing strength.
  • Optically Centered - Our patent pending design balances the camera on its optical center. This allows you to do nodal point rolls and greatly aids in image stabilization since the image sensor movement is reduced significantly compared to off-center stabilizers.
  • Absurdly Fast Setup - Because we balance every thing around the optical center of the camera, setup is crazy fast. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes, not hours. Helix is designed to be a tool anyone can pick up and use easily.
  • Balancing is a Breeze - Ask a traditional helicopter camera gimbal operator to change a lens mid shoot and watch them cringe. Not so with Helix. Re-balancing the Helix after a lens changes is simply a matter of sliding a single axis forward or back. You can be back up and running without missing a beat.
  • Right Side Up - Other devices on the market are simply helicopter gimbals with a handle attached to the top. This upside down approach works great in the air but is awkward on the ground. We designed ours for "hands" not "helicopters".
  • Flat Bottom Design - Call us crazy but we don't think you should have to carry around a special rig to hang your stabilizer up. You should be able to just set it down! Because we designed Helix from the ground up rather than the sky down, it has a flat bottom. Simply set it down and, viola, it sits there calmly waiting for the next shot.
  • Modular - One, two, or three axis or even 4 axis. It's your choice! The Helix system can be built up or torn down to accommodate your needs. Use one axis on top of a SteadiCamfor an auto-horizon solution. Switch to a three axis setup to go full handheld, or fully rig the set up with the 4 axis and SteadiCam vest and arm that allow for an all day shoot. The choice is yours.
  • The patent pending 4h Axis - one of a kind solution for the Letus Helix as well as any other exisiting stablelizing systems on the market. It's the cruise control feature in the operating of the Helix 3 axis system. It allows the operator to realistically utilize the high payload capability of the Helix system (16-20 lbs) without breaking his/her arms and back. The 4th axis can either rest on a third pary balancing system such as Steadicam with all 3 axes in function. When flipped over to the top, it can be attached to a handle to provide yet another handling point for a low angle shooting as well as top mounting option for jib or crane.
  • Production Proof - In a real production environment, you need a bullet proof design. We carefully designed the Helix to be a clean, ready-to-use rig that didn't have wires dangling about and awkward, non-standard powering solutions.
  • Designed for Film Makers - From day one the Helix was designed for film makers. It is not a re-purposed design with fragments from the RC helicopter world still clinging to the frame. It is designed to be easily utilized without adding to an already complex film making workflow.


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Do not purchase for FX9!!!!

Michael Brown on 12th Jul 2020

I was so excited to use this product. First of all, out of the box, the camera will not work! I wish Letus would have informed me this when I told them the camera. The body is too long, and you need to buy an additional base. The standard counter weights are not enough, especially if using the kit lens. Not to mention all of the missing pieces and parts that had to be shipped out. When I ordered the 4th axis, there wasn't even a basic set of hardware. I missed opportunities to use the entire rig because of all of this trouble and they are unwilling to communicate with me on a product I can not use. I am forced to sell this second hand. DO NOT PURCHASE FOR FX9!

Go To Gimbal!!

Tristan L. White on 2nd Aug 2017

The design makes it easy to put any camera on here, it's easier to balance on here than any other gimbal I've tried. I still need to try getting the perfect balance on my Ursa Mini but the Black Magic Cinema Production Camera worked perfectly. The fact that you can balance within minutes is mind blowing, and the battery life is amazing. One of the biggest things is to be able to just set the gimbal down. With this you don't need anyone following you with a stand, it gets heavy depending on the camera, set it down and take a break... It's a brilliant design! I would recommend this gimbal to anyone. Their customer service is great as well so that's an added bonus!

Best gimbal in the world

Peps on 14th Dec 2015

I own several gimbals such as, the Mōvi M10 ($7,000), the Defy G12 ($5,000) and the DJI Ronin (just under $2,000). Mōvi is known to make the best and smoothest gimbals but when I purchased the Letus Helix my opinion changed. This is the best gimbal, ever. It is just as smooth as the Movi and its half the size, allowing the DP to more complex in smaller places and being able to shoot for more time because it is lighter. The fact that you can set the gimbal down when you are on set is revolutionary, if you want a quick break, no problem. With a Mōvi or Defy or Ronin you would have to set it down, or put it on a clamp. The ability to balance it on a table is amazing. With a competitor you would would have to put it on a stand. When you arrive to you movie set and you bring your helix, you don't have to set anything up. With competitors you would have to rebalance them and re arm them, with the Helix all you have to do is mount the camera. You no longer have to get to set 30 minutes early!! This is fantastic. If you guys have any questions feel free to reach me at - pepsfanjulvine@gmail.com. I just can't explain in words how great this gimbal is.