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The Letus Ultimate ENG bundle is indeed the ultimate package for ENG camera setting. It's the ideal for all broadcasting camera such as the Sony PMWs series or X-Cam series.


The Letus Ultimate ENG Bundle includes:

Letus Ultimate


Who It's For

The Ultimate adapter is our top end model. It is designed for the serious professional needing the most versatile adapter on the market. With its spinning glass design, the Ultimate is not limited to wider f-stops and slower shutter speeds of vibrating type adapters like the Extreme and Elite. The Ultimate is unmatched in quality and features. It is used in television and film studios around the world where demanding users accept no compromise.
If you watch television, then you have most likely seen footage shot with this adapter. It is in use at many, many studios around the world and is a proven platform for high end 35mm footage acquisition.


Product Highlights

This Ultimate was built from the ground up utilizing custom designed components and optics. We do not use off-the-shelf parts to build our adapters like others. Each component is specifically manufactured for peak performance. From the proprietary lens coatings to the optimized achromat lens, each piece is original to Letus and are backed by countless hours of research and development. The Ultimate truly is the embodiment of the "ultimate" 35mm adapter. It is with good reason this adapter is the choice of professionals around the world. If you want to invest in the best gear you can, than this is the Letus 2/3" B4 Pro Relay


Letus B4 Pro Relay

The Letus relay lenses allow you to bypass the stock lens of your removable lens camera entirely. This offers many advantages. Since the relay lenses are purpose built, they are going to provide the sharpest, most light efficient image possible. The lenses are also smaller then most stock lenses making for a more compact 35mm adapter camera setup. With straight forward controls for aperture and focus (both lockable), there is no complex setup routine necessary when using a relay.  If you have a removable lens camera, then a Letus relay lens is certainly the best option for top quality 35mm footage.
The 2/3" Pro Relay is a Letus Relay Lens Module for B4 mount cameras, 3/4 stop brighter than the P+S PRO35 relay. This relay lens will allow you to attach a Letus35 Extreme, Elite, or Ultimate adapter directly to the camera body bypassing the stock lens entirely. Precision calibrated to the Letus35 adapters (Extreme, Elite, and Ultimate) and designed for use on 2/3" B4 mount camera systems. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other 35mm adapters.
  • Academy frame size
  • Razor sharp center and edges
  • Iris ring with lock down
  • Focus ring with lock down
  • Stainless steel flange
  • F/1.5


Letus LWS Rods

Letus light weight support rod system (LWS) for ENG style cameras. Use this compact, light weight system for supporting your Letus adapter, relay lens, ENG lens, mattebox, follow focus or accessories on an ENG style camera.
The LWS system is an extremely compact and light support rod solution for large cameras on which you need to attach a 35mm adapter (or any other 15mm rod accessory). The LWS works best when using a relay lens with your adapter as it significantly shortens the length of the lens setup.
We also offer telescoping support rods, part of our Raptor system, that are compatible with the LWS rods. The telescoping rods allow you to extend and collapse the support rods to accommodate various length needs without having to switch the support rods out. They work very well with matte boxes especially.
The L-bracket and front piece of the LWS system is also compatible with the Raptor Light Camera Plate. This allows you to utilize the front of the LWS on the Raptor system. The parts are easily interchangeable if you need to mix and match different systems on different cameras.
  • Mount your Letus adapter in "snorkel up" or "snorkel down" mode
  • Use with Letus relay lenses / adapters or standard ENG lenses
  • Great for matte boxes and follow focus systems
  • Eliminates the need for a L-Riser
  • CNC milled, high-grade stainless steel (SS) and aluminum
  • Precision fit with no play in joints
  • SS Support rods (20cm included)
  • SS V-wedge
  • SS L-bracket
  • SS Screws
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