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This Bundle now ships with the new Letus TaG Support System and a new style of carrying case (not pictured)

The Letus Ultimate, the new benchmark for 35mm adapter quality and performance. This is our flagship 35mm adapter geared toward the pro users. The most versatile adapter on the market. The perfect companion to the Letus Relay lenses.

Who It's For

The Ultimate adapter is our top end model. It is designed for the serious professional needing the most versatile adapter on the market. With its spinning glass design, the Ultimate is not limited to wider f-stops and slower shutter speeds of vibrating type adapters like the Extreme and Elite. The Ultimate is unmatched in quality and features. It is used in television and film studios around the world where demanding users accept no compromise.
If you watch television, then you have most likely seen footage shot with this adapter. It is in use at many, many studios around the world and is a proven platform for high end 35mm footage acquisition.

Product Highlights

This Ultimate was built from the ground up utilizing custom designed components and optics. We do not use off-the-shelf parts to build our adapters like others. Each component is specifically manufactured for peak performance. From the proprietary lens coatings to the optimized achromat lens, each piece is original to Letus and are backed by countless hours of research and development. The Ultimate truly is the embodiment of the "ultimate" 35mm adapter. It is with good reason this adapter is the choice of professionals around the world. If you want to invest in the best gear you can, than this is the choice for you.
Included in this bundle
  1. Letus Ultimate DoF Adapter
  2. Letus TaG Support System with 8" Dovetail
  3. One lens mount of your choice
  4. One thread ring of your choice
  5. Letus Small Case

Note: not all items in the product images are included in the bundle.

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