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The Letus35 Ultimate, the new benchmark for 35mm adapter quality and performance.

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Letus35 Ultimate Features

  • Smart Spinning Ground Glass (patent pending)
  • Built-in precision back focus adjustment with lock (patent pending)
  • X / Y alignment adjustment to correct for offset image sensors (patent pending)
  • Off center spinning GG element (patent pending)
  • Off center driving motor for optimal performance (patent pending)
  • Variable RPM motor with LED screen speed display
  • Built in flash memory to remember last settings
  • Ability to do a full stop-down on a 35mm lens (tested to f22)
  • Works with high shutter speeds in most shooting conditions (tested to 1/2000)
  • Modular accessories. Extreme / Ultimate accessories interchangeable
  • Low battery warning
  • External power hookup
  • Automatically switches to 12V external supply if it is available
  • Absolutely silent, no vibrations
  • Includes PL Mount (or any other mount of your choice), optimized achromat lens, connection ring of your choice, D-tap power cable, custom waterproof case, and V2 rods support bracket
  • Prism technology with proprietary Image Orientation Correction technology (IOC). This adapter "flips" the image upright
  • Highest optical grade achromatic lens (custom-made for this specific adapter)
  • Custom condenser specially tailored for this adapter to get the best possible picture quality
  • Stunningly beautiful image colors
  • Casing milled from solid aluminum
  • Anodized black finish with anodized blue back focus adjustment ring
  • Built-in On/Off switch with variable RPM control and memory
  • Battery is fully enclosed and secured by 2 magnets for ease of replacement during a shoot
  • Interchangeable thread rings and lens mounts for easy adaptation to different cameras / lenses on the fly.
  • Hex key for adjustment/installation 
  • End caps included for protection during transport/storage
  • Threaded hole on top and bottom the front tube for matching up to support systems
  • One year warranty

If you need support rods, checkout the Ultimate Bundle.

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