After countless months of research and development, Letus has come up with an innovative solution to change the industry. Letus is proud to offer the patent pending Raptor System that will reinvent camera support systems. This is THE support rod system you will need, no matter the camera you own.

Stop trying to constantly tweak a traditional rod support system that is bulky and heavy. Attach the new Letus Raptor System and take advantage of a light-weight, quick release, easily adjusted rods support rig unlike anything else on the market.

For the most compact and well thought out camera support system, no matter the camera you operate, look no further than the Letus Raptor. This pro mounting and support solution is CNC milled from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. We do not use any low quality cast products like many other manufacturers. We provide seriously robust gear for even the most demanding production environments. The Letus Raptor system will change the way you mount accessories to your camera from matteboxes to 35mm adapters.

The complete Raptor system is comprised of 3 components. The light weight camera plate with v-wedge, the v-plate mounting block with quick release, and the telescoping support rods. You can also add a "tail" in the back of the v-plate block for mounting 15mm accessories behind your camera such as shoulder mounts, batteries, monitors, etc.

Each component is available separately or you can buy them as a complete kit and save.

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