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The Letus Mini is designed and optimized for smaller, consumer level cameras with a lens filter thread size of 58mm* and smaller.


Who It's For

This adapter was designed for owners of smaller cameras who are looking for the same 35mm depth of field produced in Hollywood. Although there is a growing trend for beginners to start with DSLR cameras for depth of field, there is still a large market of users who would prefer to have a true video camera and all of the benefits that comes with it over the limitations of shooting with a DSLR.
The Mini allows you to achieve full frame, 35mm depth of field without sacrificing the functions of a true video camera. Simply attach the Mini when you want to obtain 35mm footage and remove it when you want to use all of the features of your video camera. This is truly the most versatile setup you can have for consumer and pro-sumer level cameras.


Product Highlights

We wanted to provide a super compact adapter for the smaller "travel" cameras. Something that would allow you to have the 35mm depth of field option without having to carry around a large camera. The Mini meets this task perfectly. The Mini is basically a baby version of the Extreme. Boasting the same image quality in a much smaller package. It is small enough to fit in a backpack while still producing stunning images.
If you need support rods, checkout the Mini Bundle.

*Not all 58mm cameras are comaptible with the Mini.

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