This is the rental rate for one 3 day/one week rental of the complete Letus Infinity system. This is the complete package that can be configured into a number of configurations to suit your needs. The Infinity/Double Helix has been used successfully on many production sets using many different camera systems such as Alexa65, Arri 235, Panavision Millennium film camera, Alex Mini, etc. 


The Letus Infinity is the industry-tested stabilizer system that is both versatile in its use and comprehensive in functions. With modular design the Letus Infinity is a perfect tool kit for the serious production houses and production sets that require the use of heavy camera set-ups with no compromise on use of lenses and accessories.  Possible configurations include:

* 1-Axis (roll) directly on Steadicam sledge or on a jib/or crane.  Package starts at $13,000

* 1-Axis (roll) handheld (with third party handles). Package starts at $13,000

* 2-Axis (roll and tilt) either on the Steadicam sledge or just a Steadicam arm. Package starts at $20,000

* 3-Axis traditional handheld. External support is highly recommended. Complete package starts at $30,000

* Remote head control with external pan motor for 360 degree pan. Complete package starts at $30,000


For more information or to schedule testing out the unit at our Portland, OR headquarters, please contact us at 503-954-3361 or info@letus35.com

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