Awarded best gimbal AND best pro-video equipment (out of 1,700 products) at NAB. It's simply the best professional camera stabilizer. Here's why:

  • Original Design: Designed from the ground up specifically for cinematography, not after thought like the rest of the gimbals on the market which put a handle onto the copter gimbal system.
  • Optically-centered: To minimize sensor movement avoid robotic look in footage found with other gimbals.
  • Eye-level Filming: Your hands is at the lens level, not a foot higher like other gimbals. This make shooting a lot less fatigue. 
  • Quick Balancing: It's a lot easier to balance each axis individually than making all 3 axis balance at the same time. Lens change is easier with simple adjustment of a single axis due to optical center design.
  • Flat-bottom Design: You can put the gimbal down between shots without needing a stand.
  • Intuitive Tilt Handle: The right handle of the gimbal acts as a joystick for tilting the camera up and down. This is the best loved feature.
  • Seamless Suitcase Mode Transition: Going from eye-level to low mode seamlessly by just letting go of the left handle.
  • Absolute Encoders: Prevent motors from losing their position during a bump. Improve stabilization precision. Adjust Dutch angle within a second by holding at the desired angle.
  • Custom sliprings: Prevent wires from being tangled and the only handheld gimbal to allow 360, unlimited roll.
  • Power Management: The first handheld gimbal on the market with power management.
  • Custom Firmware
  • Made In USA

Special Features for Helix PRO MKiii:

  • Standard V-lock battery
  • CNC-milled magnesium alloy frame
  • 20 pound (9kg) weight capacity
  • Modular Design: 3 axis for handheld or Roll axis only for Steadicam® or ShoulderCam work
  • New Pan motor with quad bearings for added rigidity.
  • Standard SDI In/Out through the slipring 
  • 3 Lemo® power outputs to power camera and accessories
  • Front support ring to eliminate flex


  • 3-axis stabilization with encoded motors
  • WiFi and Bluetooth installed
  • RC 2nd Operator Mode (included)
  • Payload up to 18lbs (More if the setup is compact)
  • Material: Magesium
  • Weight:  6.95lbs without V-lock battery + 1.8lbs for front support ring
  • Dimension: 16" (40 cm) span handle to handle
  • Standard V-lock batteries. Letus V-lock battery is 95W (1.25lbs)
  • Compatible with: 
    • Mid-size cine cameras
    • Professional cameras (RED, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C100-C500...)


All Helix gimbals are wired according to US standards where red pin is Positive (+). Any 3rd-party power accessories must be compatible.

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