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These are refurbished Helix Jr. Mg. without encoders

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Must purchase battery and charger separately 

Battery: https://www.letus35.com/helix-jr-juice-box/

Charger: https://www.letus35.com/helix-juice-box-charger/

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Letus Helix Jr. Review

Brad on 13th Sep 2018

Pros: -Have used with Sony Fs5 successfully! (IMO - best results without top handle on Fs5, 3rd party small rode mic w/mini jack to XLR adaptor, attaching VF to 15mm rods of Helix Standard camera plate accessory and using Roll twitch PID Filter) -Can independently be built and operated. -Letus35 customer service is top notch! GT has great patience, passion and knows the products well. A value that is hard to find or replicate. -Yes, there is a learning curve with the helix jr., take your time in properly balancing, reading the operations manual and PID tuning options. -mobile IOS app: Took a little while (could be me), but I feel it has evolved into a more user friendly experience. With a fast reliable connection to the helix and helpful PID presets. -Encoded motors help reset position and help batteries last a long time, such a great feature! Cons: -Mac OS app: I apologize in advance to the engineer(s) who made it, I’m sure a lot of work went into it but again IMO. Not a friendly user experience. Not something I want to touch in the field or even in down time. Which may be causing me to miss out on an better product experience. Even downloading the app is a headache. Again, my apologies. -Wish the motors had a locking mechanism when motors are turned off to allow camera to be built on helix jr. and used on tripod for filming interviews. Having the motors on durning an interview does not work professionally. The system has to intermittently calibrate it’s self when static causing vibration and noise when recording a clean B-Cam interview shot. Reason for wanting this option is to reduce build time. Time is money for my clients and time of the interviewee. After interview is done, walk and talks and B-Roll happen no more than a minute or two later and I need to be ready before that with a lens change. ***Accessories to consider purchasing if using with Sony Fs5*** -Highly recommend purchasing the EXO17 vest to help ease the strain on body after long use. -HELIX STANDARD CAMERA PLATE -HELIX JOYSTICK -ARRI ROSETTE ADAPTER FOR HELIX HANDLE (FOR C200/FS5) -Vocus Handgrip Rosette Adaptor for Sony PXW-Fs5 (enables you to zoom 18-105 kit lens, assignable auto iris button and electronic focus control which is not so smooth but helpful) -Vocus LANC extension cable

Works Great !

Jim on 8th Aug 2017

I'm using my Letus Helix Jr (Encoded / Mag) with a Canon C100 MKll and, after removing the filters, it works great.

Fantastic stabilizer and great tech support!

Brennan Clark on 21st Jan 2016

My Helix Jr, which I am flying my Scarlet-X on has been a fantastic addition to my arsenal. It's easy to balance and can get super creative shots. Even though this thing is not built for cameras quite as heavy as the Scarlet, it still works very well. Waiting on the arrival of a Raven, which will undoubtedly be even lighter and better on the Helix Jr. This is a great stabilizer for the price and if you ever have any questions, their team will go out of their way to help. Thanks a bunch for the great product and tech support guys!

love it!

Spencer Gentz on 17th Sep 2015

so far I am loving this thing! I'm really surprised at just how smooth the images are, I haven't needed to use post stabilization yet! And the set up is pretty fast.. I've been recommending the helix to all my film friends! Such a quick way to step up production value on projects!

The perfect travel gimbal for small cameras

Tom on 28th Apr 2015

I have been using the Letus Helix Jr for about a week now and found it to be a great addition to my kit. I previously owned a DJI Ronin, but sold it due to the weight. I simply could not operate the Ronin all day without serious pain in my arms. The unique top roll axis and suitcase mode make this gimbal easy to operate, even if you never touched a steadicam or electronic stabilizer your entire career. It is very easy to get super smooth shots with very little setup time using the Jr. The Letus Helix Jr is perfect for me as a B camera shooting Broll alongside a Red or Sony f55. Today's small cameras like the Sony a7s and Panny GH4 cut well with expensive A camera systems. This will only get better as blackmagic, sony, canon and Panasonic make upgrades to their tiny camera lines. Buy the Helix Jr. You will be happy you did!