The QS housing allows you to use the Hawk on the Zacuto EVF. The Letus Hawk QS (QuickSnap) uses the same high quality optics that are found in the other Hawks. The QS housing is made of a high impact plastic composite. 

For those who already have one of our standard Hawks, a Hawk QS shroud is available individually for converting the standard Hawk to the QS version.

The round eyecup on the Hawk QuickSnap is designed for use with eye cushions. We have found this to be the most comfortable way to use a view finder. The standard eyecup is designed to accomodate both the "Round Large" and "Round Extra Large" eyecups by BlueStar products.

Hawk Details:

We have built our viewfinder with a 2.75x view factor. We have found this to be the ideal zoom for LCD screens. It produces a large image that you don't have to look around at when viewing it. At larger zooms, the image gets so big that you are forced to move your eye around to see the whole image. Imagine sitting 2 feet from a 42" screen. You have to look around to see the whole frame. This is the same effect you get when the zoom factor on a viewfinder is too big. In addition, at zooms above 2.75, individual pixels on the LCD screen can be seen. The 2.75x zoom on the Letus Hawk viewfinder is the sweet spot for zoom factor.

The lenses on the Hawk are adjustable from +1.5 to -2.5 to accommodate near and far sighted users. There is no need to add spacers between the camera and view finder to adjust this. Simply turn the eye piece until the image is clear for your particular eye sight. All of the lenses are housed in a precision milled aluminum housing for durability. 

All of our optics are fully coated with the same coatings we use in our relay lenses and 35mm adapters with anti fogging coating. This assures the best color fidelity while eliminating issues with fogging. There is no need to wipe your view finder down with cumbersome on anti-fogging sprays or wipes.


  • High Impact Composite Shroud
  • CNC Milled Aluminum Lens Barrel
  • 2.75x Zoom Factor
  • +1.5 to -2.5 Adjustable Lens
  • 3 Custom Lenses in 2 Groups
  • Fully Coated Optics with Anti-Fog
  • Removable Eye Cup
  • Round Eye Cup Designed for Eye Cushions
  • No Image Distortion or Edge Softness
  • NOTE: Mounting frame NOT included. You must already have a Zacuto EVF for use with the Hawk QS.
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