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This Bundle now ships with the new Letus TaG Support System and a new style of carrying case (not pictured). The Extreme now also includes the Optimized Achromat.

The Letus Extreme is our entry level 35mm adapter with only 1/2 stop of light loss. The perfect choice for the budget minded Indie Film maker. If you are looking for the most affordable Letus 35mm lens adapter, this is the adapter for you.

Who It's For

The Letus Extreme is designed for entry level / beginner film makers. Although it similar to the higher end Letus Elite, it lacks a few features bringing it in at a lower price point. Most notably, the Extreme lacks the back focus adjustment ring and upgraded optics found in the Elite. These items can be added separately if you want to upgrade an Extreme to an Elite in the future.


Product Highlights

The Extreme was the first 35mm adapter released when Letus re-launched in 2007. It revolutionized the 35mm adapter market and many tried to copy the innovations we built into this adapter. This was the first 35mm adapter to seamlessly integrate a prism based "flip" optical path which produces an up-right image in the camera. Our one piece design makes for a compact and light efficient adapter. Unlike other adapters on the market, there is no need to purchase a seperate "flip module" to achieve an upright image.
Like all Letus products, the Extreme is 100% custom made to our specifications. We do not use any off-the-shelf parts to build our adapters. From the housing, to lens mounts, to the optics; everything is manufactured specific to our adapters.


Included in this bundle

  1. Letus Extreme DoF Adapter
  2. Letus TaG Support System with 8" Dovetail
  3. One lens mount of your choice
  4. One thread ring of your choice
  5. Letus custom small case

Note: not all items in the product images are included in the bundle.

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