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This Bundle now ships with the new Letus TaG Support System and a new style of carrying case (not pictured)

The Letus Elite is our mid-range adapter. Our most popular adapter. This adapter shares the same features of the Extreme but adds a back focus adjustment ring and the same optimized achromat lens found in the Letus Ultimate. A hybrid for the intermediate / pro level users.

Who It's For

We designed this adapter to meet the needs of more demanding users in fast paced production environments. If you are looking for a great 35mm adapter and aren't quite ready to invest in an Ultimate, the Elite is the best option available. It is a very popular adapter suited to both beginner users and professionals. This is the adapter we most often recommend for most users in the beginner to intermediate levels.

Product Highlights

The Elite is basically a hybrid of our entry level adapter, the Extreme, and our flagship model, the Ultimate. Like the Extreme, the Elite uses a vibrating ground glass design and shares the same prism housing. Like the Ultimate, the Elite includes a back focus adjustment ring and an upgraded achromat lens. The upgraded lens makes the adapter sharper than a stock Extreme.
For the greatest compatibility and ease of use, the Elite and Ultimate are the best choices.


Included in this bundle

  1. Letus Elite DoF Adapter
  2. Letus TaG Support System with 8" Dovetail
  3. One lens mount of your choice
  4. One thread ring of your choice
  5. Letus Small Case

Note: not all items in the product images are included in the bundle.

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