The Letus Cheeseplate is the perfect accessory for the Master Cinema Series bundles. The cheese plate can be hard mounted to the Letus TaG baseplates. The cheeseplate can also be mounted to standard 15mm or 19mm rods. The angle of the cheesplate is adjustable with its rossette knuckle, allowing you to potion it however is most usefull and comfortable for you. It has two female 15mm threads for adding support rods, and has a myriad of mounting holes. It is also tapped for mounting a Letus Battery Plate, Anton Bauer Gold Plate, Sony V-Mount plate, and the Codex S.

The cheeseplate can also be used a lighter alternative to the MCS padded long weight for those using heavier cameras on their shoulder.

The locking knuckle and rod bracket are not included in the base price.

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