The Letus35 1/2" Full Frame (FF) relay lens is designed for cameras with a ½” image sensor and removable lens system. The Letus relay will allow you to bypass the stock lens of your camera and attach a Letus adapter (Extreme, Elite, or Ultimate) directly to your camera body on cameras with removable lenses such as the Sony PMW-EX3. 

  • 35mm Full frame size
  • f1.5 - f22
  • Razor sharp center and edges
  • Iris ring with lock down
  • Back focus ring with lock down
  • Stainless steel flange


When using a full frame relay with wider angle lenses you may experience vignetting especially with less light, including closing the aperture of the lens or Relay.  This is the nature of all lenses, all lenses experience light fall off as you move to the edge of the image, this is exaggerated with wider angle lenses (especially 35mm and wider).  Please see our wiki page for more information on this.

Some things you can do to minimize vignetting caused by natural light fall off are:

  • Shoot with good lighting.
  • Use longer lenses (50mm +) that aren't as prone to sharp fall off.
  • Use high quality optics which handle fall off better.
  • Use an academy frame relay (1/2" and 2/3" only) which uses the center of the lens (1.5 crop) and will not get into the fall off zone.
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