The Helix Carrying Case is a custom laser cut case that specifically design to fit the Helix 3 or 4 axis and all its accessories. This provide a sleek solution to safely and securely transport the Helix. The case is made from genuine Pelican Case (model 1600) with top quality foam insert.

The Helix Carrying Case can accomodate the fully assembled 3 or 4th axis Helix with all its accessories with Optional spaces (plug-ins)  for items such as, Camera (or RC controler), small monitor. media card,


  • Fully assembled Helix with handles
  • Dx7s or Dx8 Remote Control
  • HD Monitors such as DP7, AC7, DP4 and DP6
  • Wireless follow focus kits such as Bartech, Redrock Micro
  • Wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver such as Paralinx
  • (2) Helix 5400mAh batteries
  • (2) Helix 27mAh batteries
  • Helix Juicebox charger
  • All Helix tools plus extras
  • (2) SSD cards
  • Extra slots for cables and accessories
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