The Letus Helix 1-Axis PRO is a crossover of the Standard Helix with the Double Helix 1 axis. With the Front support design, the Helix 1-Axis PRO can achieve more robust moves mounting on the Steadicam sledge without any translation vibrations.

The Helix 1-axis PRO is the ideal add-on to any Steadicam setting that help keeping perfect horizon while still provide the operator the ability to do his/her own panning. The combination of the Letus Helix 1-Axis with a Steadicam not only allow for quick transitioning of high-mode to low-mode without any reassembly but it increase the range of motion to any level between high and low mode. While the 3 axis gimbal setting create a new and different shooting style, the Helix 1 axis is truly the new improvement that will improve a steadicam operator experience and keeping all the benefit features of what a Steadicam can only offer.

Also, the new 19mm standard rail-base system will allow user to ultilize any 3rd party handle to conver this into a 1axis handheld with horizon stabilization. With a little of ingenuity, the possibitlities are endless. Such is the versatility of the Helix system. 


The package includes:

- 19mm rail-based standard Helix 1axis (Magnesium)

- Camera plate* (non QR)

- Steadicam plate* (non QR)

- Counter weight (1set)

- Front support 


* For QR plates upgrade options, please choose in drop-down option boxes.



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Helix 1-Axis PRO

Edmond on 1st Sep 2021

I would recommend this product but the customer service is a shame. I bought the letus helix pro and I am awaiting for more than a month for a replacement part that broke right after a few tests. The customer service stopped answering my messages now. The gear has its flaws but the worse flaw is the after sale service provided by Letus.

I would like to tell you how happy I have been with the Helix one axis Pro. I only use my Helix as an added stabiliser on my Pro Steadicam.Not as a stand alone hand held Gimbal. This Gimbal has not only helped my operating in challenging situations

Chris Vermaak on 26th Apr 2018

Not a Trinity but super cool for the money!

One year with the Helix 1 Axis PRO

CV on 18th Apr 2018

I would like to tell you how happy I have been with the Helix one axis Pro. I only use my Helix as an added stabiliser on my Pro Steadicam. This Gimbal has not only helped my operating in challenging situations such as wind, boats, etc but has actually changed the look of the traditional steadicam. It has transformed my operating into a new hybrid feel of shot combining the ethereal freedom of the steadicam with the elegance of a dolly. I use the Helix 1-axis PRO not to be able to do high to low in-shot transitions (Although this is possible) but rather to have a perfect horizon and facilitate extremely fast rebuilds from high to low mode. For the money I am not aware of any electronic stabiliser system that works as simply and well in combination with the steadicam in a single axis. Payload: I have had Alexa mini,Red weapon,Alexa Classic as well as XT on the Helix with a variety of lensing including Zeiss Master primes,Angenieux short zooms (45to120,15 to 40,28 to 76 optimo),as well as Panavision G-Series anamorphics. All combinations have been balanced easily and have not presented any problems for the Helix. These builds would almost always include either a Arri WCU-4 or Preston remote follow focus system as well as cinetape horns and readout mounted on the mattbox or bars. Build: Fitting a camera,lensing,remote follow focus ,Cinetape and mattbox in the ring with all the required cabling can be a challenge but seems to always be possible. For the Preston it becomes esp challenging as it has a big MDR and motors.Be sure to get dogleg motor cables as well. Even if some cabling has to join from other sources outside the Helix it still soldiers on without a hitch.I have had to power an Alexa classic with 24V cable once (off the steadicam) and even this thick cable emanating from an exterior source (not part of Helix power output) caused no problems.Remember as well that the actual bars of the Helix itself can be used to attach motors etc as they are standard 19mm diameter. Durability: My Helix has worked unrelentlessly in some of the toughest environments in the world. Wet and humid places like Mumbai in India,Lagos Nigeria,Yaounde Cameroon as well as cold places like Toronto Canada.For the most part it has to survive in Cape Town South Africa, a place that can have all four seasons in one day.I have now done three features and two TV series with my Helix and it has endured. Form factor: For someone such as myself who has to travel a lot on planes with all my gear I GREATLY appreciate the small form factor of the Helix.It breaks down to such small bits that I can easily take it as hand luggage in my carry on bag or fit it in with my Steadicam gear in my current Pelican cases.It can be set up to accommodate different lengths of camera and lensing. Software: I knew nothing about electronic gimbals when purchasing the Helix.It seems I didn’t need to know much more.It is rather easy to set up and has an IOS App that troubleshoots most issues rather elegantly. For people who need to get right in there and learn all they can there is an interface on the computer that is massively comprehensive where any and all parameters can be adjusted and tweaked. Or messed up…. Support: Helix has gone out of their way to give me backup and do Skype calls etc to help. Should you have any issues. Based in Portland Oregon they were of course on the other side of the planet and in a very different time zone when it came to my calls from Cape Town. Still no problem.