Awarded best gimbal AND best pro-video equipment (out of 1,700 products) at NAB. It's simply the best professional camera stabilizer. Here's why:

  • Original Design: Designed from the ground up specifically for cinematography, not after thought like the rest of the gimbals on the market which put a handle onto the copter gimbal system.
  • Optically-centered: To minimize sensor movement avoid robotic look in footage found with other gimbals.
  • Eye-level Filming: Your hands is at the lens level, not a foot higher like other gimbals. This make shooting a lot less fatigue. 
  • Quick Balancing: It's a lot easier to balance each axis individually than making all 3 axis balance at the same time. Lens change is easier with simple adjustment of a single axis due to optical center design.
  • Flat-bottom Design: You can put the gimbal down between shots without needing a stand.
  • Intuitive Tilt Handle: The right handle of the gimbal acts as a joystick for tilting the camera up and down. This is the best loved feature.
  • Seamless Suitcase Mode Transition: Going from eye-level to low mode seamlessly by just letting go of the left handle.
  • Absolute Encoders: Prevent motors from losing their position during a bump. Improve stabilization precision. Adjust Dutch angle within a second by holding at the desired angle.
  • Custom sliprings: Prevent wires from being tangled and the only handheld gimbal to allow 360, unlimited roll.
  • Power Management: The first handheld gimbal on the market with power management.
  • Custom Firmware
  • Made In USA

Special Features for Helix PRO MKiii:

  • Standard V-lock battery
  • CNC-milled magnesium alloy frame
  • 20 pound (9kg) weight capacity
  • Modular Design: 3 axis for handheld or Roll axis only for Steadicam® or ShoulderCam work
  • New Pan motor with quad bearings for added rigidity.
  • Standard SDI In/Out through the slipring 
  • 3 Lemo® power outputs to power camera and accessories
  • Front support ring to eliminate flex


  • 3-axis stabilization with encoded motors
  • WiFi and Bluetooth installed
  • RC 2nd Operator Mode (included)
  • Payload up to 18lbs (More if the setup is compact)
  • Material: Magesium
  • Weight:  6.95lbs without V-lock battery + 1.8lbs for front support ring
  • Dimension: 16" (40 cm) span handle to handle
  • Standard V-lock batteries. Letus V-lock battery is 95W (1.25lbs)
  • Compatible with: 
    • Mid-size cine cameras
    • Professional cameras (RED, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C100-C500...)


All Helix gimbals are wired according to US standards where red pin is Positive (+). Any 3rd-party power accessories must be compatible.

 Which Helix Model is best for my camera package? (video)

Helix FAQs/Technical Support
Helix Demo footage (video)

How to set up your Helix Pro: (Video)

Helix Pro manual


The Letus Exo17 vest is a unique support system that is compact, light weight and easy to use. Unlike any other current support system on the market, the EXO17 front mounted design allows the user to get in and out of a car with ease and the ability to carry the Helix or any other gimbal for an extended period of time. 

The COMPACTNESS  of the EXO17 makes it ideal for documentary filmmakers, wedding and event videographers and run-and-fun filming situation among others.



  • Jr. = 13 1/2 " (24.25cm)
  • St. or Pro= 15 1/4" (38.75cm)

Arm length:

  • Jr. = 7 1/8" (18cm)
  • St. = 10 7/8" (27.5cm)
  • Pro = 9 3/8" (23.8cm)


  • 15 -17 lbs



How to order: 

1) Choose the Helix model. This option indicate the width between the arm that support the gimbal. Note: If you are using the EXO17 vest with a gimbal other than the Helix, either option will work.

2) Choose the spring canister strength. Remember the longer the arm you choose, although it will increase your boom range it will reduce the payload capability. Check the chart above to see what spring strength is appropriate for your camera load.

3) Choose the arm length. Measure your set up and find the distance from the handle to the back of the Helix so that you can determine how long the arm you need to choose. The longer the arm length, the wider the boom range but the less payload the spring can support.

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