The Letus Exo17 vest is a unique support system that is compact, light weight and easy to use. Unlike any other current support system on the market, the EXO17 front mounted design allows the user to get in and out of a car with ease and the ability to carry the Helix or any other gimbal for an extended period of time. 

The COMPACTNESS  of the EXO17 makes it ideal for documentary filmmakers, wedding and event videographers and run-and-fun filming situation among others.



  • Jr. = 13 1/2 " (24.25cm)
  • St. or Pro= 15 1/4" (38.75cm)

Arm length:

  • Jr. = 7 1/8" (18cm)
  • St. = 10 7/8" (27.5cm)
  • Pro = 9 3/8" (23.8cm)


  • 15 -17 lbs



How to order: 

1) Choose the Helix model. This option indicate the width between the arm that support the gimbal. Note: If you are using the EXO17 vest with a gimbal other than the Helix, either option will work.

2) Choose the spring canister strength. Remember the longer the arm you choose, although it will increase your boom range it will reduce the payload capability. Check the chart above to see what spring strength is appropriate for your camera load.

3) Choose the arm length. Measure your set up and find the distance from the handle to the back of the Helix so that you can determine how long the arm you need to choose. The longer the arm length, the wider the boom range but the less payload the spring can support.

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