The new Compact EVF Knuckle is a key component of the TaG Simple Shoulder Rig. The design mimics the feel of a proper viewfinder on a 35mm film camera. The Compact EVF Knuckle is designed to be universal to ensure whichever EVF you use is compatible. The EVF plate is quick release so you can easily remove your view finder if need be.

The knuckle features an adjustable fluid drag pivot point allowing you to precisely adjust tension. The EVF position can be adjusted forward, backward, side to side, and tilted up and down. Now you can finally adjust your EVF to exactly where you need it without messing with universal arms that were not designed to do the job.
The TaG Compact EVF Knuckle is designed to work with the Letus TaG System, MCS System, and Letus Cages (except Talon). Although it may be modified to work on other, third party setups, we highly recommend pairing it with one of the above mentioned setups. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other configurations.
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