DC to 2pin cable to power the BMCC via the Helix onboard batteries.

DC connector wiring: Center possitive


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Better than expected

Joe on 7th Nov 2016

This cable works great. I didn't realize the BMCC end was a right angle connector. I actually bought a right angle adapter but turns out I didn't need it.

Well made cable

Steve Huedepohl on 26th Mar 2016

Well made cable - works as expected to power my Blackmagic Production 4k camera on my Helix Jr. Only issue is that it really needs a right angle adapter on the camera end, because the cable will hit the left side of the Helix Jr. at certain angles. I'm going to move the camera forward some and re-balance which should help, as well as restraining the cable toward the camera as much as possible. I only tested this for a short time, but you will definitely need extra batteries if powering the camera. BTW, I love the Helix Jr.! Well designed, well made product that works great - amazing technology!