The radio crackled loudly over the intercom. Above the din of rattling metal and rock, the co-driver bellows his instructions as his driver wrestles feverishly with the 1200kg fire-breathing beast that is their rally car. The exhaust pops as the driver downshifts to negotiate an off-camber bend and the co-driver barks, “100 K right 4, 50 caution Jump into right 2 tightens, don’t cut, 100 right, 400 flat to crest into K left 4″. Dust explodes and gravel rakes the nearby shrubbery as the car skids past a startled cameraman and disappears over a hill, popping and hissing its last report.

When I bought the 5D MkII, I had imagined that I would be using it, amongst other things, to create images like the awesome shooters on BBC’s Top Gear. Here was a relatively inexpensive camera that I could use to shoot cinema-like video to support the storytelling style I had envisioned for an automotive magazine show I was working on.

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