The Letus Micro 4/3 to PL lens mount will allow you to use PL mount lenses on the Blackmagic Designs Cinema Camera (MFT Version only). We have designed our PL mount from the ground up focusing on precision and ease of use.

The mount flange is milled from high grade stainless steel with medical grade machining tolerances. The internal housing is matte coated to eliminate internal barrel glare.

Letus brings its expertise in back focus adjustment to the table with the PL mount. The first to offer a simple, back focus adjustment ring. No more fiddling with cumbersome shims to set your lens back focus. Simply rotate the precision machined ring and lock down at your desired back focus point. Easily adjustable on the fly to accommodate your entire PL lens collection.

This mount is compatible with 35mm PL lenses only.


  • Built in back focus adjustment ring
  • Matte internal barrel coating for anti-glare
  • Smooth lens release/lock ring
  • Compatible with the Blackmagic Designs Cinema Camera (MFT Version only)
  • Compatible with other Micro 4/3 cameras such as The Panasonic AF100, GH1, and GH2
  • 100% Custom Made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Letus Lifetime Warranty
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Great idea unfortunate execution

Todd Fisher on 11th Feb 2016

We ordered 3 of these for our Blackmagic Studio 4k cameras. Unfortunately we seem to have a bad batch. 1. non of the adapters locked to the MFT mount. 2. one was a least a 1/16 of an inch loose on the MFT mount. 3 one was so tight it would not mount on the MFT mount. 4 the last one fit perfect other than the inability to lock on the MFT mount. Finally we own numerous PL lenses from Zeiss, Angenieux to Cooke and none would properly seat on the PL side of the adapters.