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Letus Helix PRO

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The Helix Mg Pro is the hybrid of the Standard Helix Mg and the Double Helix. For professional shooters who do not need the heavy attilery of the Alexa, Varicam35 or film camera set up, the Helix Mg Pro will be the ideal set up since the 18-20 lbs payload will allow for a more comprehensive set up without too much of a compromise in lens choices.

Package includes:

- Encoded motors

- Bluetooth and Wifi module

- RC receiver (2nd operator mode-ready)

- Helix Mg with 19mm rod base that can convert to the 1 Axis Pro in a matter of minutes.

- 4 Axis bracket for use with 3 party support system such as Steadicam or Easy Rig

- Front support bearing set

- One 5200mAh

- One charger

- One NATO rail


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