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Letus AnamorphX-PRO 1.3X Adapter

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The Anamorphic adapter(s) allow the conversion of spherical prime and zoom lenses into anamorphic format. This adapter is the first of its kind in the industry. The adapter allow the conversion without any compromise to image quality, yet in turn allow the forming of beautiful oval bokeh that is unique to anamorphic lenses and elegant flares without image color aberration.


* 1.33x squeeze, which will work with all current crop of 16:9 cameras, bringing it to a standard 2.39:1
* Works with current prime and zoom lenses
* Patent pending optical design allow for a even squeeze factor across image which reduce edge softness and the "mump effect" that associate with anamorphic lenses/adapters. 
* High resolution.
* 0.8 mod pitch gear for critical focus
* Option of single coated or multi coated lens elements depending on level of lens flare desired. Single coated will produce more flares.
* CNC aluminum housing
* Mounting solution for 114mm outside diameter lens like Zeiss CP* and adapting ring for smaller lens like 77mm, 82mm, etc.
* 1/4-20 thread hole for lens support
* Made ready with matte box (Optional)
* Patent pending clip on 2-stage filter (Optional)



What camera does the AnamorphX work with? 

  • Virtually any camera will work. The AnamorphX attaches to the front of an exisitng lens. If you can attach it to a camera lens, you are good to go. It is not limited to a specicfic camera, sensor size, lens brand, or focal lenght. It is made to be as universal as possible.

How wide of a lens can be used with the Letus AnamorphX?

  • Full frame sensor - 30mm
  • Super35 sensor (APS-C such as C100/3000) - 18mm
  • Micro 4/3 sensor (BMCC, GH2/3, etc) - Tested up to15mm on the BMCC

What size of image sensors work with the Letus AnamorphX?

  • Any size image sensor will work

Will the AnamorphX work with 4K+ Cameras?

  • The AnamorphX will physically work with any resolution. Results will be highly dependent on the lens between the AnamorphX and the camera. At those resolutions, high quality optics are key. The AnamorphX may produce a slightly softer, more organic image but that would be the only side effect. It is important to use the highest quality lens between the AnamorphX and camera though for best results at 4K+

What is the front diameter of the AnamorphX Adapter?

  • 114mm, it is the same as a Zeiss CP lenses.

Can the AnamorphX be supported with another third party supports?

  • The adapter has a 1/4-20 female thread so third party solutions that can adapt to that, should work fine. A lens support designed for round lenses should also work.

How does each level of lens coating affect my image quality?

  • There is no difference in image quality with the different levels of lens coating. The coating only effects the amount of flare you will have.

What are the different levels of lens flare?

  • High Flare Single Coated 2
  • Medium Flare Single Coated
  • Low Flare Multi Coated

How to setup the AnamorphX adapter.

  1. Point to distant object (infinity) and focus with camera's lens
  2. Attach the adapter onto your camera's lens. Dial the adapter toward the far focus setting (right, negative markings) to get the best focus on the object. At this point you will not likely get critical focus, just get as close as you can.
  3. Re-focus with camera's lens, you should now be able to acheive critical focus.
  4. Focus on a near object (around 5-6 feet). Focus as best as you can with your camera's lens, it is possible that at this point you will be able to get critical focus without changing the adapter setting. However, if you can not get critical focus with just the camera's lens, dial the adapter toward the near focus slightly to get critical focus. Note this marking on the adapter, it is the the setting for the Mid to Far setting for your adapter with this lens. You may want to repeat and record this process with all your lenses for quick reference and setup.
  5. Close-up focus. Once the object is closer than 5-6 feet, you will find that you need to adjust the adapter settings again. Just repeat step 4 by adjusting with both the camera's lens and the AnamorphX.

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  • 5
    Taking Lenses down to 30mm focal lengths - total Ballbuster

    Posted by Akos on 28th Dec 2017

    Taking Lenses can be as Low down as 30mm focal lengths - it is a total Ballbuster. No other Adapter out there can do this on Full Frame SENSORS 24mm X 36mm.

    any other Ana Adapter out there can only go down to 40mm taking lenses.
    Flares are normal soft beautiful flares, not harsh razorcuts Lines, like the SLRMagic Adapters create, and which look like th Glas cracked on them.
    Only drawback is it should be 1,5x or even 2x for full Frame . Also the Housing is extremely heavy, it could be improved with carbon Parts to make it lighter. So no run and gun combo will be possible with them.

  • 5
    Great Filmmaking Tool

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2016

    The Letus AnamorphX-Pro adapter is excellent! It gives all the right visual characteristics we were looking for in the making of our short film, Posers.

    There's no doubt that focus is a bit tougher to achieve, but that's a given, and can definitely be worked around.

    We would have liked to see the adapter come with a front cover...not sure why it didn't. The rental unit we originally tested did have one. This cover would really help product the lens adapter. Certainly, the more protection, the better.

    Great product nonetheless!